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Admission Process – SignaCare

When you come to our Home, we will spend some time gathering information with you, or your family member, as it is important that we get to know you and complete a comprehensive assessment of all your care needs. We do this within the first 48 hours of your arrival in SignaCare Killerig. You will have a nurse to link with as you settle in. He/she will introduce you to your fellow residents and the care team, and show you around. As we develop your plan of care in conjunction with you and your family, we also discuss your wishes around end of life care.
You are welcome to decorate your room with your own personal belongings, if you wish. There is a television available in each room. Access to a private phone in your room is available on request. Personal mobile phones are encouraged. We also have access to Wi-Fi, and Skype is available throughout the nursing home. The staff can assist you with Skype calls, emails, and computer usage. All rooms have a call bell system if you require a member of staff.

Q: Can I view the Nursing Home before I make up my mind?

A: Making a decision that you or your family member requires long term care can be a difficult decision. Choosing a nursing home can also be difficult. To help you with this we encourage families to visit our Nursing Homes in advance, to view the facilities and services available.

Q: How is my placement funded?

A: Financial support towards the cost of long-term nursing home care under the Nursing Home Support Scheme, “A Fair Deal” is administered by the HSE. It is the only financial support scheme available for new admissions. Information on the scheme is available on the HSE website at www.HSE.ie

Q: Who will be taking care of me?

A: Our team, lead By Director of Nursing, will provide a warm welcome. We invest in highly trained, professional staff who are always attentive to your needs, endeavoring to provide the best possible care, delivered to the highest standards, according to your preferences and the choices you want to make about your life.

Our team members include:
Highly trained Qualified Nurses, Careers, Dietitians, Wound care specialists, Physiotherapists, Social & Activities Coordinator.
We actively promote our volunteer programme to enhance our focus on community integration.

Q: What activities take place at SignaCare?

A: We are passionate about social care, therapeutic activities and continuing strong community links. Our residents and strong residents committees are center to all planning in our Homes.

Activity Programs: e.g. crafts, card games and many more depending on residents requests. Activities can happen one-on-one or in groups.
Imaginarium gym and reminiscence therapy
Musical Evenings: These popular social events allow residents to enjoy music and maybe a little dancing.
Gardening: daily encouragement to access the garden and get green fingers active, plus supported walks and classes
Hair salon, and Spa Treatments: Our residents enjoy being pampered with manicures, massages, facials and other relaxing treatments.
Regular Outings: Residents enjoy visiting local areas of interest such as concert halls, historical sites, libraries etc.

Q: What is the visiting policy at SignaCare?

A: We operate an open visiting policy within SignaCare. Visitors are welcome at any time. Family and friends can visit with you in any of the public areas including the gardens (weather permitting), or in your room. There is a designated visitor’s room for private visits off the entrance foyer, and there is a coffee dock available to enjoy a cup of tea or coffee with a friend.

Q: What is the security like at SignaCare?

A: All external doors are secured throughout the day in the interest of patient safety, and a staff member admits all visitors. Open access to the back garden via living room and dining room. Resident rooms- residents can request individual keys to lock their rooms when leaving their room plus all rooms fitted with a Thumb lock for residents whom wish to lock their rooms.
A private locked drawer is available in each resident’s rooms plus the center has a central safe. To help support resident’s money management and safety we have a petty cash system. We advise large amounts of money to be banked to resident own account or put in safe in the interim. We are happy to support residents to have own money, please report to nurse in charge for assistance.
A Visitor’s Book is located in the entrance foyer. All visitors are requested to sign the book on entering the nursing home. Residents are free to leave the center with family and friends; the policy requires a staff member to be informed and signing of resident temporary absence folder at reception. CCTV is in place in reception and corridors, and access doors.

Q: Meals and Nutrition

Meals are served in the resident’s dining room/resident’s kitchen or residents’ room as per resident choice.
Food is available to residents at any time, please ask any member of staff.
Meal times are protected from general visiting. We ask that visitors respect the privacy of residents while eating. However, if you require assistance, a family member wishing to assist you is welcomed.
Drinks and refreshments/snacks are available at any time. You will become familiar with where they are available, i.e. Living room, Dining room, Activities Room, Coffee Dock, .
Menus for all meals are available, picture and description menu in dining room Staff will advise and help you make choices every day. If you have any requested for a meal please let a member of staff know, we are happy to prepare.
Residents can enjoy a cup of tea/coffee with visitors in the coffee dock, sitting rooms, or private meeting room. For special planned occasions, we will facilitate your family or friend to dine with you.